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🎵 21h00 - OK Lion : OK Lion! is a Belgian electro-rock duo composed by Janaina (voice) and Stéphane (keyboards). Born at the very beginning of the confinement, they took advantages of these blurred times to write the first pieces of a forthcoming electro album, featuring the melodies and the charming voice of Janaina, and also Patrick Codenys (from legendary belgian band Front 242) who mixed a couple of tracks. 

🎵 22h00 - Factheory : FACTHEORY is a band from the Brussels scene whose style is firmly in the post-punk movement, with a poetic side that stands out.

🎵 11/03/2023 -  Factheory /post-punk/ + OK Lion! /Electro rock/ @ Rock Classic - 55, rue Maché au Charbon à 1000 Bruxelles - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite / Free entrance
Tag(s) : #Post-punk, #Electro rock
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