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21h00 - Epidemian - https://www.facebook.com/Epidemianofficial

Rising from the shallows of the Belgian Metal Scene, EPIDEMIAN have always pushed the limits of their abilities and defied the boundaries of melodies and pure straight Death Metal.
In December of 2010, Gary, Rui and Johny joined forces with ex-THE BAD QUALITY PILLS vocalist Simon Somogyi. The four of them started writing material for a brutal, face-melting demo called We Bring You Epidemia.
A short time passed & Guillaume Copuse was recruted as second string raper and new tunes were excoriated. In August 2015, Ismael hasard takes the microphone to harsh some new voices for Epidemian.
The band played several gigs with DEHUMAN, In ARKADIA, HUMATRONIC, INLANDSIS, BLAST YEAR ZERO, ROTYES, KOMAH, SEKHMET, COAGULATE and more, and built a reputation within the Belgian Metal Scene.
EPIDEMIAN have struck a groundbreaking balance between groove and chaos, soul and precision, focused aggression and open-minded musical vision.

🎵 Epidemian @ Rock Classic - 04/09/2020 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite / Free entrance
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