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21h00 - Pirate - https://www.facebook.com/piratekuday

It’s been a long time that this Pirate was out of stage ! But he is back now ! With more groove and stories. Come and find out the world of the one and only Pirate !

21h30 - SALT - SALT. is a stoner rock band based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2017 by Gilles, Max and Jack, it quickly got joined by Luca and Adou to reach its final and current form.

After one year composing, they decided to release an EP in order to present their beautiful baby to the world.

Their music geared towards the public offers strong basses and powerful riffs combined with straight-to-the-point rhythms and lyrics encapsulating life stories and schemes.

As they say: "This is salty !" -- and so is their music !

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