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21h00 - March - https://www.facebook.com/March.TheSinger

March., whose real name is Marcello Mereu, is a singer-songwriter born in Sardinia, Italy. Since leaving Italy at a young age, March. has lived in four countries: the UK (where he did most of his studies, among which a degree in Drama & Theatre Studies and a degree in Psychology), France, Belgium and Spain. His name comes from an abbreviation of Marcello, which some of his friends call him, and the singer’s birth month.
Whilst living in Brussels, March. started working with producers and musicians mikki and Alessandro Neri on the creation of his ongoing project: Safe & Unsound, his debut album. Safe & Unsound will include 11 songs:

22h00 - Trip - https://www.facebook.com/rockbandtrip

Heavy Blues trio TRIP

Tag(s) : #Rock Classic, #Concert gratuit
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