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le concert d'Anwar est annulé  !

20h00 ▶ Anwar /soul/ - http://www.anwarofficial.com

Between two cultures, Belgian and Moroccan, Anwar is a young author-composer of Brussels. With a nomadic spirit, he was built on the roads in search of encounters and discoveries. An initiatory, artistic and humanist quest inspiring and inspired pushes one whose first name means "Enlightenment" to travel and observe some, to draw inspiration from others and to transcribe the emotions in his songs. Discovered by the French artist Zaz, he followed her tour as support act but also with Jain, Yuri Buenaventura, Boulevard des airs and many other artists in all big French venues until he finally released his first album "Beautiful Sunrise" at the prestigious American label

21h15 ▶ Cari Q (USA) /Indie pop/ - http://www.cariqmusic.com

Cari Q 's fervor and enthusiasm for songwriting are qualities to be sought after in this era. Straightforward melodies accompany her resonant lyrics as she pushes the limits of contemporary pop music. Echoing her predecessors, Cari Q’s unique sound evokes memories of Janis Joplin and Loretta Lynn.

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