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20h00 ▶ Pirate /blues/ - https://www.facebook.com/piratekuday

It’s been a long time that this Pirate was out of stage ! But he is back now ! With more groove and stories. Come and find out the world of the one and only Pirate !

21h15 ▶ Adam Giles Levy (UK) /blues/ - http://www.adamgileslevy.com

Powerful, bold and explosive alternative rock, steeped in the blues. Making his name out on the road, emerging UK artist Adam Giles Levy has a talent for creating music which is instinctive and honest. Whether solo or accompanied by his band, Adam’s soaring, gritty voice delivers his heartfelt songs inspired by poetry and observations of life. Adam’s second EP, “Peninsula” is out now!

Tag(s) : #Louvain-la-Plage, #Entrée gratuite, #Outdoor summer concert, #Louvain-la-Neuve
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