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21h00 - Call Motto-Ros - https://www.facebook.com/pg/calmros

Cal Motto-Ros is a singer/songwriter from Wilderness, a small beach village in South Africa. Cal's energetic and very meaningful sound draws itself from the influences of folk, blues and soul musicians from the early era. Often being described as an 'old soul', he combines his influences with his nature lover lifestyle.

22h00 - The Velvet - https://www.facebook.com/thevelvetlux

Rising from the ashes of the former band "the filthy broke billionaires" the new formation shifted their musical style from modern rock to 70's rock.
The band consists of experienced musicians wich played in various bands an played all across Europe.

▶ Cal Motto-Ros + The Velvet  @ Rock Classic - 23/05/2019 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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