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21h00 - Luxuria de Lillith  - https://www.facebook.com/luxuriadelillith

Luxuria de Lillith is a band of Brazilian black metal, and does not involve politics, religion, or any other disgusting dogma of the precepts of her poetry and obscure art. In 1998 Alysson Drakkar composer, multi-instrumentalist and performance Black Metal, founded the Luxuria de Lillith. His work was disseminated among the disciples of the national black metal throughout the South American continent. Countries like Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Paraguay acquired the works done by Drakkar and his obscure horde. The release of black metal music by Alysson Drakkar, reaches the countries of the other American continents. Countries like Mexico, Cuba, the United States, and Canada now knew the horrible desires of this horde. Expanding through letters, necro-merchandising, and finally with the advent of the internet, the horde reaches European and Asian ears. Luxúria de Lillith has performed dozens of performances in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, and is now preparing for her first European tour between September and October 2017, closing the year with the completion of her new album 'Gehennom'. They have passed diverse formations in the horde since its formation, currently counts on: Arkana (bass / vocal); Drakkar (drums / vocals). Currently Power Brazilian trio, has been doing dozens of shows, playing several songs from his albums.

▶ Luxuria de Lillith (Brésil) au Rock Classic - 08/11/2019 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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