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21h00 - Twenty Six Tears - https://www.facebook.com/twentysixtears26

Twenty Six Tears are an Electro-Gothic ‘Batcave’ band from Belgium. With a concept based in comic horror, Twenty Six Tears is sometimes dark, sometimes sad, but always with a hint of humour. Live, the band always manages to capture the imagination with their attention-grabbing performances and have firmly established themselves on the Goth/New wave/Deathrock scene in Belgium.

22h00 - Der himmel über Berlin (Italy) - https://www.facebook.com/derhimmelband

Der Himmel Über Berlin are a band coming from extreme north-east of Italy whose name explicitly reveals their attraction to middle-european sonority and atmosphere even though their lyrics are in english. Their sound takes us to postpunk based on the likes of Bauhaus, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, but with a contemporary twist, which makes them easily placed on the musical map and keeps them original nevertheless.

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