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21h00 - Van den Bear - https://www.facebook.com/vandenbearmusic

Songs for a future vacation, van den Bear first EP, was written and recorded between Iceland, Brussels and the south of France. It is a collection of songs born in the past few years during very different life periods.

With influences ranging from The National or Radiohead to TV on the Radio with some hints of The Black Lips or The Brian Jonestown Massacre, van den Bear is bringing the musical atmosphere and poetic lyrics to the forefront.

It hopes to make you travel, it invites you to go astray.

22h00 - Wido - https://www.facebook.com/widoworld

Sombre et mélancolique, WIDO a su créer un style, SON style...

Difficile à définir, le mieux est encore de venir les découvrir..

▶ Wido + Van den Bear @ Rock Classic - 03/11/2018 - 21h00 - entrée gratuite / Free entrance
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