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▶ 100% HARD ROCK N' ROLL - http://www.hellectrokuters.eu

HELLECTROKUTERS are about Authenticity, Sincerity & Intensity.

Just as Butcho screams in the song “Born to Rock”, they feed off the energy of their music.
No half measures for these four rockers.
They want blood and they will sweat to make it flow.

You think there is no way to top the energy on their 2 albums ? Well… Wait until you hear and see those songs played live. You’ll get the idea of what it is to get HELLECTRIFIED.

HELLECTROKUTERS is a four piece Hard Rock n Roll band from France and Serbia formed in 2009, with two albums out so far : « Rock N Roll Beggars » & « Round Two », in the tradition of 70’s and early 80’s hard rock, with a slight touch of metal. Still undeniably rock n’ roll !!! With wild riffs, sharp edged licks and refrains that stick to your head.

A crazy Rock n Roll show with a possessed guitarist, STIK, seeming like he just got out of the cage he’s kept in while he’s not performing on stage. He is a worthy successor to Angus Young. ERIC on the drums, who hits like a lumberjack. DENI on the bass beats up these 4 strings like a butcher on a piece of meat, leaving bloodied fingers in the name of rock n roll. BUTCHO, the singer, or should I say The Howler, had an extra pair of vocal cords grafted to support the roughness of the tunes. No showing off, no spangle, no monkey business for these guys…

Just Rock n Roll.

Put your fingers in the HELLECTROKUTERS plug and charge your batteries full.

▶ Hellectrokuters @ Rock Classic - 02/09/2017 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite ! 
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