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▶ Kaouenn (F) - http://www.kaouenn.com

An owl with a Breton name (i.e. cauáan) explores the depths of psychic reality, the complementarity of opposites. The northwest borders are its horizon, the territories beaten by wind and tides, where the sunsets let you dream life sharing beyond the sea and open the doors to the darkness. It’s a creature that lives through the vibrations of the night with a teenager’s zest and naivety. It expresses itself in electronics with maximalist attitude which has its roots in a muddy and obscure ground: blues echoes, new wave rigor, trip hop hypnosis and kraut experimentalism. A baritone voice. Anxiety and seduction.

▶ Kaouenn (F) @ Taille 33 record store - 17h00 - Entrée gratuite ! 
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