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▶ Genre : Country blues

▶ As a solo musician I bring original songs, rooted in the tradition of American music - in particular that of the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues. My music is characterized by a rhytmic guitar style, often with an emphasis on slide guitar, a distinct voice and stompbox accompaniment. Lyrics are to the point, bare stories about life as is, about joy and love that was lost, gamblin' and paying the cost.

▶ As of late, I've got the pleasure to be collaborating in a side-project, being The Big Nasty - which is a garage Blues trash duo I have revived with Charlie Harpoon (harmonica, UK) . I'll be touring with this project February 2017 and late May 2017.

▶ Doing this full-time, I've had to pleasure of touring through most of Europe - which saw me sharing the stage with friends and other musicians alike, such as Tim Holehouse (UK), Dylan Walshe (IR/USA), Long Line Down (DK), Hack Mack Jackson (DE), The Freeborn Brothers (PL), The Redemption Colt's (BE), Gipsy Rufina (IT), Reverend Deadeye (USA), Hollowbelly (UK), The Devil's Trade (HU), Johnny Campbell (UK), ....

▶ "Incredibly authentic sounding homegrown Blues. Raw, lived and passionate." - Artiest Zoekt Feestneus Jury, Gent.  Vincent Slegers - http://www.vincentslegers.com

▶ Vincent Slegers @ Taille33 record store (Flagey) - 27/05/2017 - 17h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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