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▶ The Suitcase Dwellers, a folky, acousticy duo playing original songs with piano and voice and guitar with foot drums from sweet delicate musings to foot stomping rants and mysterious waltzes of betrayal. We write and play everything ourselves, we swap and change and share our souls with music and song.

▶ The Suitcase Dwellers were revealed to an unsuspecting world early in 2014. Lizzey and Sam were session musicians for the same project and started out as a duo playing at a few weddings and parties doing covers.
Sam bought a suitcase to carry the gear around and one day started kicking it in time with a song. They both liked the sound, started writing original songs and found a name for the band.
They use a combination of different instruments and Lizzey’s voice to create a unique sound. They have a whole range of influences between them and are building a good repertoire. The Suitcase Dwellers have their own style, telling stories, singing sweet ballads and exciting audiences with foot stomping, suitcase kicking songs.


▶ The Suitcase Dwellers (UK) @ La Porte noire - 02/03/2017 - 22h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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