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▶ 21h00 - Goddog

One day you feel as a god, the next you’re just a goddamned dog … Life’s old story … 
Why ? because we are humans, with a large range of emotions. This is sometimes killing us little by little and that’s how we learn to grow … Music is there to soften all this, like a healer.
People like labels, Goddog doesn’t. If you’ve got a soul, is there a need to put a name on what you feel. Just let yourself surrender to what is essential for you. 
This is Goddog’s purpose, give you some kind of therapy when you’ve got the blues, exorcise the pain, talk about things we all have lived and, byknowing this, feel less alone and catch the energy to go on. You could expect this music to be sad, filled with tears and romantic stuffs … Beware of the Dog’s bite ! He’s got metal jaws, heavy ones ! He’s searching for his roots on an endless rocky road , licking his hurts under a dark shadowed moon and proudly trying to take away from the ground to reach better skies … and maybe, one day , kiss the sun again. 
That’s what might talk to your own soul by listening to the Goddog’s complain. The rhythmic base is bare, without useless frills, anchoring solid heavy feet. The guitar solos make you escape from here below and the voice is not howling but digging its way to the edge where you have hidden your own wounds. 
We all are … just … dogs !

▶ 22h00 - The Guardians

Since January 2012, The Guardians produces an innovative sound, riffs and sharp explosive energy to the ways of the Sword, Red Fang and so many others Trash Rock scene of today. 
Adding to this style the forefront of Stoner - Rock Desert personality brought by each member, and it is at this point that the universe of the project makes sense.
As a live show is better than thousands of words..

21h00 - Goddog www.facebook.com/GoddogBelgium

22h00 - The Guardians (F) - www.facebook.com/theguardiansband

▶ The Guardians + Goddog @ Rock Classic - 10/06/2017 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite ! 
▶ The Guardians + Goddog @ Rock Classic - 10/06/2017 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite ! 
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