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▶ Skeptical Minds - http://www.skepticalminds.com
SKEPTICAL MINDS is a mix of electro-indus music with metal riffs and a melodic female voice.
Formed in 2002, the band released 2 EP, 2 CD and one live DVD + Comic. SKEPTICAL MINDS played several gigs (more than 200) and they shared the stage with many bands like AFTER FOREVER, APOCALYPTICA, MOONSPELL, LACUNA COIL, EPICA, JON OLIVA,…. And they don’t want to stop there… SKEPTICAL MINDS work now on their new album + full comic (autumn) 2015). See you soon on stage or anywhere else and WATCH YOUR BACK !!!
▶ Beneath the Sins - http://www.beneathmysins.com
Beneath My Sins is a French symphony metal band founded in January 2016.
In December 2015, the members of the last line-up of the band Evolvent have decided to create a new band closer to their ambitions and their approach to music. Together the four members have crossed Europe playing at festivals and concerts. They also released two albums, Human Instinct” in May 2014 and “Whatever Happens” in March 2015, for which Emma has written all the lyrics and Clement has brought his own songs.
Thanks to the experience learned with Evolvent, Beneath my Sins now offers a free symphonic metal more mature, exploring all the possibilities of the kind.
In Avril 2016, Beneath My Sins release their first music video and single “From the Flames”
▶ Skeptical Minds + Beneath the Sins @ Rock Classic - 30/09/2017 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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