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Inspired by Folk & Rock in the 90s, K1000 believes in the experiment of numerous musical styles with the help of beatbox and loopers. 

This One-man- band reaches a quite singular sound : acoustic guitars are overdriven, around a mighty and skinned voice, the groove is permanent and the songs, overpowering.


The Craps, the shittiest cover band ever, are the dark side of Rock n’ Roll. They embody what everyone lusts for but that no one would ever admit. No rehearsals and to-the- point arrangements are what’s needed for them to achieve their raw sound.

“These guys are the worst bastards” - Josh Homme

“Their music is complete garbage but I LOVE them” - Mathilde, Queen of Belgium

“The Craps have the best drum sound I’ve ever heard” - Lars Ulrich

**K1000** - http://acousticrocker.wixsite.com/k1000/

This party is organized by the Trailwalker Team “Ah non, peut-être ?!” in order to raise funds for OXFAM.

More info on https://www.facebook.com/ahnonpeutetre.otw/ and


▶ The Craps (Covers band) + K1000 @ Rock Classic - 26/01/2017 - 20h30 - Entrée gratuite !
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