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21h00 - Trainwreck trio - http://trainwrecktrio.com

▶ TRAINWRECK TRIO debuted at Tamworth Country Music festival in 2012, with a view to playing completely spontaneous shows, where the audience would dictate the song list. What just began as a late night 'jam' concept, where other musicians at the festival would also join for 'guesties', quickly exploded into a fully fledged Australian touring machine. 2014 saw TRAINWRECK TRIO play nearly 200 shows up the east coast of Australia, with trio members 'Janis the Wreck', 'Billy Ray Simon' & 'Give Stefan Hedberg' forced to go full time on the project. With international offers now on the table, a first world tour will be announced for 2015. Often joining TRAINWRECK TRIO on stage are the now infamous KINGS OF TRASH, including characters 'Chad Irwin', 'Keith Turban', 'Captain Cochring of Fire', 'Luke O'Shame', 'The Black Wiggle', 'Shane Dickinsome', 'Seleen McAlister-Kemp', 'Kiara Turban', 'Sushi Trainwreck', 'Crusty Mustard', 'The Russian', 'Rooster', & 'Man in the Crowd with a Fiddle'. The experience of seeing TRAINWRECK TRIO live is something generations will pass down to their grand children.. A force of nature to be witnessed when the circus comes to a town near you!

▶ Trainwreck trio (Austrlaie) @ Rock Classic - 10/03/2017 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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