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▶ Edward James - Edward James met in school and their friendship developed around their common love for rock music. From the start, members Jérémie and Antoine equally took on the songwriting process, each singing the songs they wrote.

Originally a four man band with Antoine and Jérémie as the two guitarists and Anis behind the drums, Edward James was joined by different bass players. They recorded a first EP and went on to play many gigs in Brussels. They were selected for Emerganza's finale and played at the Orangerie in the Botanique.

After looking for Edward James' perfect fourth member they decided to stick to the original line-up with Jérémie taking his chance on the bass. This is when the pieces fell into place, and the line-up finally felt right. A power trio was born with Antoine aka the funny one, Jérémie aka the crazy one, and Anis aka the curly one. This new synergy allowed Jérémie and Antoine's songs to become more complex, more intense, more Edward James.

After a lot of adventures, Edward James is now ready to present their new EP "There's no sign we've lost control" and to take the world by storm.

21h00 - http://www.edwardjamestheband.be

22h00 - Zool - https://www.facebook.com/ZOOL-470709953126979

4 guys ..making plans for Nigel

▶ Zool + Edward James @ Rock Classic - 30/09/2016 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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