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▶ Mr. Myst is a Sleazy Rock 'n' Roll band formed in 2013 in Ostend. The band started out of a solo project with Mr. Myst on guitar and some guest musicians. One of the guests was Mr. JSD who was speechless when he heard Rock 'n' Roll wasn't dead. He added Mr. Demolition on bass guitar. After a couple weeks the band was completed with on drums Mr. Animal and second guitar Mr. C.

End 2015 Mr. C decided to leave the band because of his job as Tattoo artist. Mr. E from the bands Ostrogoth, Mystery... replaced him for a couple of shows. Since 2016 Mr. Myst stands as a 4 man rock 'n' roll band.

Mr. Myst - guitar &backing vox
Mr. Demolition - bass
Mr. Animal - drums
Mr. JSD - vox

▶ Mr.Myst @ Rock Classic - 28/10/2016 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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