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▶ Marta Mus is a polish singer, songwriter and piano player.

At age three she began to play piano and sing. She studied classical piano from age six playing composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin and enrolled in the POSM in Bielsko-Biala (PL) at the age of 9 and later get graduated from.
She arrived to Belgium to continue and finish her piano studies in Brussels Conservatory where she brightly obtained a first prize in both, piano and vocal jazz.
Mus began her performing career as a piano solo artist while she was studying. Soon jazz became her passion and she started to sing in local jazz clubs.
Musically her work includes elements from R&B, hip hop and jazz. Her style is an example of neo-soul, as she incorporates funk, soul and jazz styles.


▶ Marta Mus (Poland) @ Apéros du parc Josaphat (sous le kiosque à musique) - 05/08/2016 - 19h00
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