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▶ "BOX is pure Rock. Their alternative rock sound takes the best out of grunge, garage
and stoner rock and is built upon heavy duty drums, riff-driven guitars and fuzzed-up
bass lines, supporting lyrics that never use half words to say what they fully mean.
Comparisons have been made to bands such as Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Queens Of
The Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin. Box's debut album 'For the Brain and
For the Vein' has been produced by Triggerfinger's hard-hitting Mario Goossens. BOX is
pure Rock. Strong. To the point if necessary, subtle when it feels like it."

In short : Powerful indie rock, with herculean drums, riff driven fuzzed guitars and fat basses supporting lyrics that always aim at leaving a strong statement in the listeners brain.


▶ BOX @ Rock Classic - 22/07/2016 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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