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Spout big Space + Al bundy (F) @ Rock Classic - 04/06/2016 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

21h00 - Spout big Space - http://spoutbigspace.wix.com/spoutbigspace

You must listen to us because otherwise, as you well know, your children and their children will hold it against you forever. You will have to make up some story about a lack of clear vision, or an excess of confidence, when the reality is we're unimaginably deserving. The truth is, you knew we would go on to be revolutionaries of music. Someday, there will be a before and after Spout Big Space. So why waste everyone's time and lie about it? Why put yourself on history's bad side? Do the right thing, quick and painless. Avoid all the hassle and choose the future, choose Spout Big Space.

SPOUT: Because you don't choose us, we choose you

BIG: Because never in your wildest dreams will you live through a more satisfying sexual experience as our concerts.

SPACE: Because space is infinite and before the Big Bang, there was Spout Big Space

222h00 - Al bundy (F) - https://soundcloud.com/al-bundy-lille

La musique d'AL BUNDY est simple : des mélodies que l'on retient facilement, des riffs efficaces et une rythmique puissante.

Spout big Space + Al bundy (F) @ Rock Classic - 04/06/2016- 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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