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Vincent McCallum @ La Porte Noire - 24/09/2015 - 22h00 - Entrée gratuite


International artist, singer, songwriter, musician - fusion of progressive folk, blues, African rhythms , World Music.

Vincent McCallum (musician, singer, songwriter) born in the Uk and brought up in Portugal.
During the past forty years he has composed hundreds of songs, recorded six CD´s and performed numerous live shows.
Vincent see´s himself as a troubadour, someone who enjoys playing his music wherever he goes, he has preformed in prestigious halls, clubs, bars and festivals all over Europe.
The music is a fusion of progressive folk, blues with African rhythms and a strong seventy´s feeling, a powerful/soulful voice, an aggressive to subtle guitar playing with a foot stamping beat that leaves you euphoric with emotion, all together a breath of fresh air.

Vincent McCallum @ La Porte Noire - 24/09/2015 - 22h00 - Entrée gratuite
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