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Her Name is Calla (UK) + If Anything Happens To The Cat @ Rock Classic - 30/10/2015 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

21h00 - If Anything Happens To The Cat - http://www.iahttc.bandcamp.com/

If Anything Happens To The Cat is an indie post-rock band based in Ghent, Belgium. Combining lots of passion with a big DIY attitude and influenced by bands in all kinds of music genres, they create the music they feel at heart. The rule is simple: everything is possible.

22h00 - Her Name is Calla (UK) - http://www.hernameiscalla.com/

Celebrating a decade together this year, Her name is Calla could hardly be considered an overnight success. Always difficult to pigeon hole, the band sit somewhere between light and shade. Post-rock and folk. Heart break and apocalypse. This difficulty to label has been a blessing and burden for the band. On one hand struggling to be accepted into genres, but on the other affording them a unique voice in the field.
Formed in 2004 by song-writer Tom Morris, Her Name Is Calla play intense, emotional guitar-rock, categorised by Morris’s haunting and distinctive vocals and the bands remarkable use of dynamics and atmosphere which often finds audiences silenced both its delicacy and brutality.

Since their debut album The Heritage, in 2008 her name is calla have endured a vigorous touring schedule which has seen support grow to a now international fan-base. The Quiet Lamb (2010) saw the band’s appeal and attention grow through support from BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, and Xfm amongst others. After a hiatus which would have destroyed most bands (and people), 2014 saw the release of their 3rd studio album, ‘Navigator’. The reflective and biographical album was well received and saw further touring which has added to the insidious rise of Her name is Calla.

2015 sees the band celebrate a decade together with the film/soundtrack A Wave Of Endorphins as well as a new album, Animal Choir. Coupled with a number of festival appearances throughout Europe, 2015 looks set to be the busiest year yet for Her Name Is Calla.

Sophie Green: Violin, vocals
Tiernan Welch: Bass
Anja Madvhani: Vocals, violin, piano
Tom Morris: Lead vocals, piano, guitar, banjo and organ
Adam Weikert: Drums, vocals, banjo

Her Name is Calla (UK) + If Anything Happens To The Cat @ Rock Classic - 30/10/2015 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !
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