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She Owl (It) @ La Porte noire - 26/11/2015 - 22h00 - Entrée gratuite !

"Part female, part animal, She Owl's voice is in tune with the creatures of forest: light, delicate as a hunter of fearful night shades yet intense and fierce as a bite into the ears. The music is wild and evocative, cut to the bones, a blend of darkness, tenderness and despair ignited by psychedelic and neoclassical flames. The band's performance is intended to be a tribal experience to share together with the audience, a musical, theatrical and heartfelt offerthat is open to the extraordinary. Critics and public claim however the uniqueness and the originality of She Owl's journey: the meticulous research of uncommon instruments (kalimba, indian harmonium, autoharp, frame drums) and arrangements, the use of Jolanda's unique voice, both evocative and narrative, the lyrics, symbolic and intense fables for the collective soul. Fiercely independent, She Owl's music is nowadays part of the endangered species: Delicate as the wind in the trees, unfamiliar as an ancient fairytale, liberating like drums around the fire and frightening as a bird of prey. She Owl works and lives between Paris and San Francisco and sometimes hides in a small village in the NW italian woods, woods close to wolves, owls, wild nature and their ancient, spellbinding stories."

Our type of music is very individual but if you want to compare to some more well-known Bands: Bat For Lashes, Dead Can Dance Faun Fables, My Brightest Diamond, SIOUXSIE, Woven Hand and PJ Harvey could fit.

Links: www.she-owl.com www.sheowl.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/sheowlmusic She Owl, official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok-NsifSnPE Over the Bones live at “Hamburger Küchensessions” http://youtu.be/sRQRkVrXkWY

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