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HYDRA (D) + Alwaid (F) @ Rock Classic - 24/07/2015 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

+++ Hydra (D) - http://www.hydraofficial.com/ HYDRA - a band as multi-faceted as its many headed namesake - are influenced by many different music styles. Their music can best be described as female-fronted melodic metal with symphonic and also a bit progressive influences. The songs on the upcoming debut LP 'Malachite Skies' are characterised by deliberate contrasts: raw metal meets soft, orchestral arrangements evocative of fairy tales and enchanting melodies.

+++ Alwaid(F) - http://www.alwaidband.com/ Alwaid is a melodic metal band from Lille, France. Their first album "Lacus Somniorum" was released in March 2014. Each track tells its own story, following the different stages of sleep, from waking to unconsciousness, from insomnia to nightmares, a journey through a diversity of atmospheres, sometimes relying on symphonic structures, sometimes on more aggressive heavy metal guitars, not forgetting a number of darker pieces when male growls combine with the melodic female vocals.

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