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Cousin (UK) + Flash Bang band (UK) @ Rock Classic - 27/03/2015 - Entrée gratuite !

Organisation : Bang Bang Booking - Soirées Cerises

** Cousin (UK) - Happy • Noise • Math • Rock


Cousin are 3 friends playing instrumental catchy, positive doom post-hardcore, math, blah blah, riff-driven with some pop sensibilities, from Brighton. Blending slack, melodic lead guitar with a growling, heavy-bottom rhythm guitar and mean drums, they try to exude powerful, positive vibes through head-nodding sounds.

Since 2011, they've been playing (and putting on) DIY shows in the UK with some of Europe's finest bands, under Fcking The Night promotions. This includes: That Fucking Tank, Shield Your Eyes, Nitkowski, Love Amongst the Mannequins, Pneu, This Town Needs Guns, Delta Sleep, Axes and most recently Enablers, one of our bigger influences and loved bands.
Cousin’s newest record, Music To Polish Your Rifle To, is extremely refreshing. It’s subtle, tangible and brings a much needed warmth to the world of modern day instrumental music. In this, their new 6-track release, the Brighton-based three-piece have gone to great lengths to produce music which is fluid and natural; that evolves beautifully throughout. And they’ve done just that.
So with the new record coming out via Barely Regal Records and Fcking the Night on Monday the 23rd of March

** Flash Bang Band (UK) - Heavy • Happy • Death • Pop


Wonky-Rocky-Psychy-Indie-Pop from Brighton backed by the increasingly seaworthy At The Helm records. Want to share some of the things we do and discover what all of you other people like to do . Interested in everything from Kinder eggs, DIY ethics and hotel management to notions of absurdity and Peregrine Falcons.
3 scruffy little scamps who need looking after, doing things the hard way so you don't have to.
Music of normality...

They released their first full length album 'Bite Your Tongue' in August 2013 to wide critical critical acclaim including Music Week, the BBC and winning 'Album of The Year' & 'Act of The Year' in Brighton Based website Brighton Noise end of year reader's polls. They are currently working towards album number 2 set for release Mid 2015 with some lead up releases in early 2015.
They've built up a large and wide spread following, sharing stages with Dananananaykroyd, Hidden Cameras, The Wythches, Traams, Polterghost, Mile Me Deaf, Ultrasound, Albatre and Djevara in the last couple of years alone, in venues all across the UK and Europe and Scandinavia.

Cousin (UK) + Flash Bang band (UK) @ Rock Classic - 27/03/2015 - Entrée gratuite !
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