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Destroy! She said + Garner @ Rock Classic - 23/01/2015 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

Destroy! She said - http://www.destroyshesaid.be/

Destroy! She said's proposal is about youth, spirituality and music. It's what most of the people like and is waiting for so we should have quickly a lot of success and respectability. Our aim is to bring comfort in a musical way to all the workers around the world who feel sinister, lost and who find themselves without reference points. Next, we will tackle the whole 'alienation of modern man' issue but that's quite another matter, Buddy. In fact, we feel very concerned too in all other social matters like feminine sexuality or well served beers. Environmental protection, especially of the big beer production sites, is also one of our favourite centre of interest. But now, let's make way for the music that will express our definitive weltanschauung much better than i do .

Garner - http://www.garnertrio.com/

Enter the restless narrative of GARNER! These are the excerpts of a slightly disturbed artist through his struggles, adversities and heartache.

GARNER’s self-titled rock production is sometimes disturbing, often questionable in content, and filled with ironic perspectives on real life. That’s ok, he sees a shrink in I’ll Pay You to help take care of this. With the follow up tracks you quickly learn it probably didn’t work. Oh well, it leads you into an album that is hard in impact with unthought of perspectives.

Musically it may feel decidedly unbalanced, at least at first. Often edging on musician’s music the rhythms quickly catch up with the surprised listener leaving them with a bit of meat to bite into and a reasonable neck pain from the headbang the next morning.

GARNER was born in spring of 2007. They play an edgy enduring rock with the urgency of ‘At The Drive-In’ and ‘Shellac’. This meets head-on a sense of melody inherited from Jeff Buckley, and the electrical boost and deep coolness of Northwest Corner American rock.

GARNER is a three-man Brussels based group including: Nico Rambaud : guitar/vocals Didier Van Uytvanck : drum (Thomas Champagne trio,Mess Trio, SymmEtrio, Ypsilon Trio), Laurent Stelleman : bass (Monsoon, Lunascape, Goudi)

GARNER signed with dEPOT214 Records in the beginning of 2009. Their debut album (mixed by Rudy Coclet) was released on the February 27th, 2010 at the MusicBrussels Opening Party and was well received. Live, GARNER offered an amazing show to a “none prepared” audience and started to build his reputation on it.

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