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Between Hope and Hate @ Rock Classic - 06/12/2014 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !


Between Hope and Hate was created in 1995.

Between Hope and Hate is a band who merges 3 generations of musicians... Their music is a mix of each member's influences : mainly rock seventies and metal eighties (old school !!!).

They performed several gigs, especially in the 90ies and then, some gigs per year to continue to express their passion.
The band's ambition never was to release lot of stuff and become famous... they succeeded well :):) coz few people know them and they just released their first 5 tracks EP now (may 2013 :)) 18 years after their start.

No glory needed, but playing Rock and Roll !!!

See them on stage and you'll understand the feeling, directly linked to the roots.

Membres Yves Willot (Vocals - Former member)
Alain Romeyns (Bass - Former member)
Thierry Pijcke (Drums - Former Member)
Samuel Meerhaege (Guitar - Since 2006)
Michel Stiakakis (Guitar - Since 1995)

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