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B’ee (In Gowan Ring / Birch Book) @ Home concert (Uccle/Vanderkinderen) - 08/11/2014 - 20h00 - PAF: Entrée gratuite. Un 'chapeau' circulera à la fin du concert, la recette sera intégralement versée à l'artiste - Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

"Autumn Winds are Whispering"
-Songs of Bright Branches & Withering Leaves (2014)

In Gowan Ring (US) - http://www.myspace.com/ingowanring - http://www.ingowanring.com/

Poète, troubadour, artisan, initiateur du mouvement wyrd folk que COCOROSIE, DEVENDRA BANHART et JOANNA NEWSOME populariseront dans les années 2000, et protagoniste d’IN GOWAN RING (mais aussi de BIRCH BOOK), B'ee a développé au fil de ses aventures une tapisserie musicale particulièrement riche. Ses pérégrinations l'ont amenées à enregistrer plus d'une douzaine d'albums et à jouer dans une trentaine de pays de par le monde.

In Gowan Ring (US) - http://www.myspace.com/ingowanring - http://www.ingowanring.com/

As poet, pilgrim, progenitor of wyrd-folk and maestro of In Gowan Ring and Birch Book, B'ee has developed a homespun sonic tapestry with peculiar richness of vision; recording over a dozen full length albums and performing in over 30 countries worldwide in veritable itinerant fashion.

For the last 20 years B’ee has been crafting homemade instruments and original homemade music which he calls ‘Symbolist Folk Music’ under the names “In Gowan Ring” (and “Birch Book”). It has been an itinerant journey leading him around the world, meeting other musicians and traditions, and most recently leading him to Leipzig, Germany.

The music of In Gowan Ring is within a magico-poetic-folk tradition utilizing acoustic instruments, voice, and poetry to convey transcendent experience, engaging the listener in mythic realities. In the larger world this is sometimes called “Psychedelic-folk”.

Currently In Gowan Ring use arrangements for pear guitar, harp, psaltery, flute, percussion, string drones, hurdy gurdy as well as multiple vocal harmonies in counterpoint. Mostly instruments are handcrafted by B’ee himself.

B’ee has spent much of his life in Oregon (USA) and works with musicians in Germany and Sweden.

Besides classic psychedelic folk influences (Incredible String Band, Pentangle, Nick Drake et al.) In Gowan Ring naturally blend elements of Early Music (medieval & renaissance), Troubadour & Minnesinger song forms, the mystic poetry of Hafiz & Rumi, and Spiritual Minimalist Music.

In Gowan Ring have shared music in over 30 countries worldwide, playing their own concert tours as well as Festivals [(Northwest Folklife (Seattle, US); Fano Free Folk Festival (Denmark); WGT ‘Pagan Stage’ (Germany); Uncivilisation festival (England); Musicas Disperses, (Spain)] and in support for groups such as Faun, Woven Hand and Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band).

In Gowan Ring have been featured in the ‘Textbook of Psychedelic Folk’, Seasons They Change: The Story of Acid and Psychedelic Folk by Jeanette Leech as well as the soundtrack for the recent documentary Film about nature spirits by Hamburg based directors Till Gerhard and Britta Schmidtke: The Fairy Trail (Nominated for the Cosmic Cini Award 2013)

PAF: Entrée gratuite. Un 'chapeau' circulera à la fin du concert, la recette sera intégralement versée à l'artist - Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

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