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Cerises Bang Bang proudly present a beautiful ethereal Post-Rock night, with :

Swingers (BE) + Alice in the Cities (F/D) + Late Night Venture (DK) @ Rock Classic - 01/11/2014 - 21h00

Organisation : Soirées Cerises - Bang Bang Booking

** Swingers The Band (Official) (BE) :

Swingers joue un post-rock instrumental influencé par les pionniers du style (Mogwai, Tortoise, Slint, Explosions In The Sky, …) mais avec leur propre son et identité, nourris par diverses autres influences telles que le noise rock,le shoegaze, les bandes son de western spaghetti, le math rock, etc.


** Alice in the Cities (F/D) :

Berlin-based duo playing instrumental music for imaginary film score.


** Late Night Venture (DK) :

Somewhere in the neverland of spacious cinematic soundscapes and dark, distorted beauty, you will find the home of Late Night Venture. After years of dedicated work on the independent scene, Late Night Venture has developed a personal, melodic-yet-challenging expression with audible links to 80´s icons My Bloody Valentine & The Cure as well as contemporary counterparts such as Ulrich Schnauss and the post-hardcore scene.


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