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SUGO (D) + ULL @ Rock Classic - 25/10/2014 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

Organisation : Bang Bang Booking - Soirées Cerises

* SUGO (D) - http://sugo-music.de/

Spherical to brutal guitars, beaten, bended and beloved;
penetrated by the explosive ever-churning drums, supported by a powerful and melodic bass.
This contrasts with the vocals. Laconic as manic, temporarily orpheic floating above the music.
Inspired by the introverted soundscapes of Radiohead, the compositional genius of Bill Evans, also of the morbid beauty of Song by Franz Schubert, the songwriting of SUGO is always looking for clear and haunting melodies.
Dire and velvet , angry and wistful.
Played by 2 guitars, bass and drums, their songs mostly appear in large-scale sound architecture, in the generational comprehensive song-oriented tradition of rockmusic.
After 2 years of rehearsing, performing and writing SUGO recorded last summer their debut EP "Take The Money And Run".

* Üll (BE) - Belgian Stoner Band. And that is all you need to know -https://soundcloud.com/ullband/tracks

Based in Linkebeek, Belgium.
Felix Guilbaud, Hyou Diep, Luciano Mengucci and Andreas Miranda. 4 sound engineers get together to create psychedelic landscapes and heavy rhythmic sections. With our newest addition, Jeremy on rhythm guitar and vocals the mix can't go wrong.

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