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Joseph + The Brise + MASSIS @ Rock Classic - 27/09/2014 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

The Brise - https://soundcloud.com/the-brise

Joseph - http://joseph3.bandcamp.com/

Joseph = 1 drum + 1 guitar + 1 voice + some riffs.

MASSIS - http://www.facebook.com/MASSISband

There's no such thing as coincidence. The 4 members of MASSIS share a common passion for music in general and noiserock in particular. Their experiences from former bands were combined in a brandnew combo.

- Shrill, moderately dissonant guitars
- BASS !!!
- Heavy, nervous drumming
- Vocal silence

145 min. in the oven @ 225°C. (no preheating required)

The boys have been in and out of bands since the 80's (HEIBEL, TRIPTYCH, CABRÓN, HANGMEN, BALDERDASH, DEADSOULS, DR.NO, ALMANZA, SHIFT...) .
Live they serve you a pure no-nonsense instrumental blast !!

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