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Jeal + Duo Beleza (US) @ Rock Classic - 07/08/2014 - 21h00 - Entrée gratuite !

Based in Berlin, Jeal grew up in Belgium with influences going from Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Arcade Fire… to Sigur Ros, Archive, post rock or electronic music in general.

Brought to life from busking in the streets of Berlin, his new project, called Digital Strike, is a set of singer-songwriter songs, which will be performed with the help of Natasha Jaffe on the cello and Pavl on the piano.

Natasha Jaffe on cello and Joy Stuhr on piano are DUO BELEZA - http://www.duobeleza.bandcamp.com/

Classical, Improvisational and Sensational!
Both accomplished musicians, Duo Beleza joins Natasha's cello skills and Joy's multi-instrumental and compositional skills in a magical blend of styles. Their classical backgrounds and love for South America inspire arrangements of well known South American classics as well as some completely original compositions by Joy, flavored by Natasha's cello melodies. Based in Berlin, Germany, the two are originally from the United States and perform regularly both in Germany and the USA.

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