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Mae Karthauser (UK) @ Home concert (Rue Gaucheret , derrière la Gare du Nord) - 28/08/2104 - 20h00

PAF: Entrée gratuite! Un 'chapeau' circulera à la fin du concert, la recette sera intégralement versée à l'artiste.

Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

Mae Katrhauser (UK) -http://www.facebook.com/maeandthemidnightfairground

review :

Mae Karthauser is a singer songwriter from South Devon. She has performed her songs in France, Austria and Belgium - working with circus performers and theatres. Mae lives in a caravan surrounded by cows on a farm in Totnes. She studied a degree at Dartington College of Arts before it closed and at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. Mae comes from a musical family. She's one of seven children - all of which learned the violin, piano and singing.

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