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FRIDAY 20 JUNE 2014 - 20:00 - FREE
@ ROCK CLASSIC, Brussels

Mad About Music + Soirées Cerises present…

▂▃▅▆ People of Nothing (irl-fr|cold wave/indie) ▆▅▃▂

People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established in Paris in 2009 by multi-instrumentalist Florian Chombart. Influenced by late 80s post-punk, the group’s sound oscillates between soaring, cinematic synths, industrial beats and shoe-gaze guitar. The driving force behind the group, Chombart recruited the talents of three other musicians, taking his apocalyptic vision to play in clubs in Paris and New York, where the group was well received by local audiences and media. Following this, Chombart set about recording the group’s eponymous debut album. Atmospheric and anxious, People of Nothing affirms a stark melancholic sound and lyrical intention. The resulting 8 songs are terse, seductive and tense; reflecting Chombart’s love of film soundtracks; from the minimalism of Arvo Part to the eerie isolation of Vangelis’ Blade Runner: an echo of romance in a post-industrial age.

◢◤ https://soundcloud.com/peopleofnothing
◢◤ http://anywaverecords.com/artistes/people-of-nothing

▂▃▅▆ Avgvst (fr|post wave) ▆▅▃▂

Avgvst is an independent postwave band based in Paris. After two digital releases in the past years, instrumental post-rock oriented, Avgvst gets back to his primary influences: post-punk and shoegazing, with obsidious cloudy waves, guitars full of chorus and flanger, and ghostly treated voices singing odes to Socialism saints, cowardice and the pain of still being 18 and alone.

Their 2012 album, « Onlooker », and their last digital EPs (« Heat of the Moment » on Le Turc Mécanique, in the Cheaps Recording series, and « Shareware » on Anywave) mixes dream-pop, arp synths and dancey beats, designing a manner of stadium music in 10m² – the size of Avgvst’s studio.

Avgvst has just announced the start of the production of their forthcoming album. « FFwd » features on TSM004, a compilation including 27 artists such as Xiu, Opale, Promise, Schonwald, Sololust, FEMALE … on the excellent Barcelona based label / webzine The Scrap Mag.

◢◤ http://augustdomain.bandcamp.com/


55 Rue Marché au Charbon straat


20:00 - Doors
21:00 - Avgvst
22:00 - People of Nothing





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