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Beekeepers (US) + Our Glorious Future @ Rock Classic - 21h00 - 05/07/2014

Beekeepers (US) - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beekeepers/444420445648931

They're a synth-noise-garage punk band playing in beekeeper costumes from Oakland. And have been compared to The Locust, The Mummies, Coachwhips, Pink & Brown etc...What more do you need to know?!


Our Glorious Future - http://beta.vi.be/ourgloriousfuture

What started out a few years ago as an accidental encounter between two old acquaintances at a metro station near Brussels, soon became a full grown band project...

Based on three compositions, drummer Kenny Janssen was the first full band member to join composer/singer Stijn Germeijs to start rehearsing.

Soon his bro Tim Janssen joined the pack and accepted a hell of a challenge: playing rhythm and lead guitar at the same time (and yes, he was born with ten fingers like the rest of us).

While the number of Our Glorious Future-songs grew, keyboard player Andres Hermo came knockin' on our door to enrich the group sound with depth, atmosphere and melody.

Tomas Munoz recently replaced Sophie Cavez to kick some ass with his groovy bass!

And what would a band be without a good sound? Sam Janssen (jsproductions) does the trick for us, pushing buttons and turning the right knobs at rehearsals, recording sessions and gigs.


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