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Barzin (CA) + Krysztoff Dorion @ Home concert - 05/05/2014 - 20h00 - 5€ - Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

Krysztoff Dorion (Ghent/BE)
solo project by this Ghent musician of compositions for classical guitar in a non-classical way, with strings more alive, buzzing with droney effects and subtle feedback. A curious listening experience of undestined folklore and remote pathways.

Barzin (CA)
is the band formed around Canadian musician Barzin Hosseini from the plains of Ontario. Their sound evolves around intimate post-rock in warm slowcore moods with hushed vocals and soft chamber music instrumentation. Time gets stretched as a gentle soundtrack for inner thoughts and melancholic contemplation, where comparisons with his longtimeOntario friend Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) & Sufjan Stevens are not very far off. Barzin will be playing a special minimal livingroom set with 1 or 2 other musicians of the band. This is their only show in Brussels during this EU tour.

bar-wise >
We probably will have some Saison Dupont bottles on offer at cheap prices and some wine too.
but you can also take your preferred drink with you if you like. (and there's a nightshop around our corner to make it easier)

to get in; 5€
doors: 20:00
first set to start around 20:30 - Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

@ Nieuwland 14 (buzzer left > Seb & Ness)
1000 BXL city centre
(just parallel to Place Rouppe/Rue Midi)

- Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

Barzin (CA) + Krysztoff Dorion @ Home concert - 05/05/2014 - 20h00 - 5€ - Réservations : fbulte@gmail.com

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